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Vol 7, No 3 (2013)


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Comparison of menstrual and reproductive function of women after conservative myomectomy with the imposition of the circular of the dissolving of the compression of the seam on the inner throat. In the main group study included 29 patients after surgical intervention in the volume of conservative myomectomy with the imposition of the
circular of the dissolving of the compression of the seam on the inner throat. The control group consisted of 20 patients after standard myomectomy laparotomy access. The study demonstrated the feasibility of imposing circular of the dissolving of the compression of the seam on the inner throat to reduce intraoperative blood loss. The use of the technique has no significant impact on the early and late postoperative periods, the timing of rehabilitation, recovery time compared with the standard myomectomy.
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The aim of this work was to estimate the effectiveness of stimulation of ovulation in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in different age groups depending on existence of previous pregnancies.
Methods: The design was retrospective, observational, unicentral study. Investigation includes 62 women from 21 till 40 years old with PCOS and previous ineffective medicinal treatment. Ovarian stimulation with the use of antiestrogens (clomiphene citrate) and recombinant folliclestimulating hormone (follitropin) was conducted.
The final pointwas visualization of the ovum by ultrasound investigation on the day 21 after ovulation. As the result of ovarian stimulation ovulation occurred in every case. In the group of patients before 30 years old pregnancy rate was 41,94%, in the group 30-35 years old – 38,1%, in the group older than 35 years – 20%. In the groups 30-35 years old and older than 35 years old the int errelation between the effectiveness of stimulation of ovulation and existence of previous pregnancies was observed. Thus, in women with pregnancies in anamnesis the final points were achieved in 75 % (group 30-35 years old) and 25% (group older than 35 years). Without previous pregnancies stimulation of ovulation was not effective (0%) in the group of patients older than 35 years old and less effective (23,08%) in the group of patients30-35 years old. In the women younger than 30 years the correlation between effectiveness of stimulation of
ovulation and existence of previous pregnancies was not observed.
Conclusion: In the group of patients older than 30 years old stimulation of ovulation have higher effectiveness among
women with pregnancies in anamnesis.
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The article presents the results of the studing of fetoplacental angiogenesis, as the reason of placenta malfunction and featus progress.
The objective: the examination included 116 pregnant famale patients with placental insufficiency and growth retardation syndrome and 52 pregnant famale patients with physiological pregnancy. Results: it was determined that proangiogenic vessel factor – placental growth factor (P1GF) and angiogenic vessel factors are the soluble fms-like tyrozinkinaze (sFlt-1) and soluble endogline (sEng). There was determined angiogenic coefficient – Ka, calculated in formule sFlt-1/PlGF×10.
Conclusion: it was revealed that placental insufficiency characterized falure balance of vessel growth factors, enlarged levels of angiogenic vessel factors and low levels of proangiogenic factor. For the development of placental insufficiency and enlarged stage of growth retardation syndrome the increasion of angiogenic coefficient Ka is typical.
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This work presents the relevance of the researches associated with the severity of gestosis (pre-eclampsia) in the pregnant women. The importance of the violation of the mechanisms of adaptation (the predominance of catatoxic adaptation programs above syntoxic) and the principles of formation of placental insufficiency are demonstrated. The number of specific pregnancy proteins, leading to insufficient activation of adaptation programs is reduced and activity of adrenal-reactive structures is increased. The purpose was to study psycho-neural and immunologic mechanisms of formation of pre-eclampsia. The authors carried laboratory and instrumental examination of 100 women of fertile age (80 - with pre-eclampsia; 20 - without pathology of pregnancy, which were the control group). Personal and reactive anxiety were examined and applied the techniques of catatimic experiences of images and etc. using imaginations by method of Ericksonian hypnosis. The indicators of systems coagulation-anticoagulative, oxidant and antioxidant activity, immune-suppression and immune-activation, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems were studied in detail. The significance of the decrease in the production of specific pregnancy proteins in the development of placental insufficiency, and catatoxic adaptation programs in the pre-eclampsia is proved. The authors established the importance of study psycho-neural and immunologic correlations, corresponding to the dynamics of adaptation programs.


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This article presents a contemporary look at the causes of the appearance of hot flashes in menopausal women, and the possibility of non-hormonal methods of correction, based on indications and contraindications.
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At this point in modern gynecology there are no uniform standards in the diagnosis and treatment of adenomyosis. This problem requires special attention, since there is a tendency to increase the incidence of this disease, especially in younger women. The paper presents the data in the literature about the different methods of diagnosis (hysteroscopy, ultrasound, MRI), and provides criteria for evaluation of these methods. Of greatest interest are the data of foreign authors on a new method of treatment of adenomyosis – magnetic resonance- guided focused ultrasound surgery.
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Estrogen-containing preparations are widely used in gynecology today for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), as oral contraceptives (OC) and otherwise. Data obtained in large-scale clinical-epidemiological studies showed that intake of estrogen preparations, even of the so-called low-dose ones is associated with certain side effects and with heightened risk of thromboembolism-associated conditions (ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction), of breast cancer and of mortality from cardiovascular events. Available data indicate that estrogens exert negative influence upon metabolism of vitamin В6 and magnesium. Both micronutrients produce proven positive impact upon human health,
reducing, in particular, the risk of ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction and  cardiovascular mortality. Therefore then, part of side effects of estrogen preparations could be eliminated or significantly reduced if HRT and OC are carried out with background intake of magnesium preparations and pyridoxine. This paper presents results of systematic analysis of data from fundamental and clinical-epidemiological studies of the influence of estrogens on metabolism of vitamin В6 and magnesium. Results of the analysis indicate that maintaining adequate levels of magnesium and pyridoxine in the body is indispensable for implementation of physiological effects and prevention of pathological effects of estrogens. Detailed description of molecular mechanisms of the discussed interactions is presented. Promising results of use of
magnesium preparations and pyridoxine in treatment of estrogen-dependent conditions are shown.




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Assisted reproductive technologies open new ways in the treatment of infertility. Trying to improve the pregnancy rate fertility specialists frequently use double or triple embryo transfer, increasing the risk of multiple gestation and pregnancy complications. The case report of multiple gestation in women with congenital pituitary insufficiency is provided.

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