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Vol 6, No 1 (2012)


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Indication of combined medications with wide spectrum of action is more reasonable in treatment of nonspecific vaginitis in pregnants, taking into account frequency of combined infection. The objective of current research was to reveal the impact of complex antiinfective medication on quantity of lactobacillus in pregnant women with nonspecific vaginitis. 33 pregnant women at 18,34±1,46 weeks of gestation with different obstetric pathology were included into the study. According the results of clinical and laboratory examination patients with nonspecific vaginitis, undergoing complex therapy with Polygynax (neomicine sulfate 35000 ME+nistatine 100000 ME, additional substances-dimeticone, vitamins A, E,D, soya lecitine, aminoacides, phospholipids) were enrolled into the study. Clinical monitoring was made before treatment, at 3-4th day from therapy beginning and at the end of the therapy (13-14 day). Objective methods demonstrate normalization of clinical values, decrease in the microbic contamination in vaginal discharge. As a result of treatment with Polygynax normal vaginal microbiocenosis was restored in 78,8% of pregnant women.
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Vaginal candidosis is very common disease in patients with immunodeficiency. As vaginal candidosis is often associated with other dysbiotic disturbances of vaginal microcenosis medications with wide spectrum of activities should be indicated for treatment of candidainfections. To assess fenticonazol therapeutical efficacy in treatment of chronic vaginal candidosis 32 patients in age of 22-42 years were examined. Inclusion criteria were: presence of history of 4 or more episodes of vaginal candidosis in an year, absence of sexually transmitted infections at the moment of examination. All patients were assigned to fenticonazol 600 mg for vaginal administration, and to its repeated dose (600 mg) in three days. At the second step of treatment medications normalizing the functions of immune system (interferons) were indicated. The results demonstrated high clinical and microbiological efficacy of feticonazol in chronic vaginal candidosis treatment.
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In article the question is a case of ovarian vein thrombosis, developed in pregnant woman at 24 weeks of pregnancy, describing therapy and further treatment tactics, delivery and sorts of outcome.
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The objective of current research was to study clinical-anamnestic characteristics in women with benign and precancerous processes in uterine cervix with combined uterine pathology (myoma, adenomyosis, endometrial hyperplasia and benign processes in uterine cervix). The results demonstrate that changes in uterine cervixes are more frequent in patients with combined uterine diseases compared with patients with monopathology.

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Uterine cervical cancer is on the 3rd place of cancerous diseases morbidity in Russia. Uterine cervical cancer is caused by persistent papillomavirus infection (PVI), therefore the main factor of uterine cervical cancer prevention is screening and vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV). Uterine cervical cells infection with HPV is necessary, but not sufficient for their malignancy. Its important to provide adequate therapeutic measures to eliminate HIV from the organism, if infection already occurred. One of the effective methods of PVI complex conservative therapy is stimulation of cell immunity by use of natural purine analogue inosine pranobex (IP) as an immunostimulator. IP antivirus effect is associated with suppression of replication of DNA and RNA viruses by bounding to cell ribosome. Immunomodulating capacity of IP is characterized by stimulation of nonspecific immunity, enhanced interleukin production, increased antibodies synthesis, stimulation of chemotaxic and phagocytous activity of monocytes and macrophagues and polymorphonuclear cells. In present article data on open and double blind placebo-controlled studies of IP are summarized. These studies confirm IP efficacy in HPV-infection therapy.

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Clinical morphological changes causing development of hyperplastic processes of endometrium are reviewed, According authors assumptions genetic modifications may have place in development of malignant processes in women reproductive system (e.g. endometrium cancer, cervical dysplasia etc.). Specific moleculas markers or their combination can evaluate the prognosis of disease development, facilitate optimal treatment tactics and new therapeutical agents development.
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Non-developing pregnancy (NB) is main factor of reproductive losses. The stress developed after the NB like after the abortion which accompanied with excitation of the hypothalamic-pituitary system. This involves a violation of kind and rhythm of menstruation, with formation of anovulatory cycles. Its rationale to use modern low-dose COCs containing last generation progestagen desogestrel for restore menstrual and hormonal status. Contraception should be used to start first days during post-abortion period. The use of COCs could to prevent the occurrence of repeated unwanted pregnancies during post-abortion stress, to prevent development of complications and to normalize regulation of menstrual function and thereby ensure the enough time to restore women's reproductive health.
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) presents actual problem in gynecology. In present time discussions on PCOS classification and diagnostics criteria are not completed. Criteria accepted by Rotterdam consensus experts in 2003 year are mostly used. According these criteria PCOS diagnosis is made in case when 2 of 3 following signs take place: symptoms of high activity or increased produce of androgens (clinical or biochemical); oligoovulation or anovulation; polycystic ovaries at ultrasound examination. Combined oral contraceptives (COC) play important role in treatment of PCOS. Its reasonable to use monophasic COC, containing the last generation progestogens, like drospirenone. Use of COCs with antiandrogenic activity is pathogenically reasonable and facilitates normalization of luteinizing hormone (LH) level, decreases androgens production in ovaries as well as their size and also has beneficial effect on PCOS symptoms like overweight, hirsutism and acne.

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We have identified risk factors and determined their significance and relative risk in endometrial oncotransformation based on mathematical analysis of clinical and anamnestic data and molecular-biological indicators. The structural, functional and molecular mechanisms of hyperplastic processes of endometrium in premenopausal women were investigated based on a complex immunohistochemical studies. Our study revealed the features of the expression of tumor suppressor gene PTEN and the marker of tight junctions Claudin 3 and the proliferation marker Ki-67 in epithelial and stromal components based on morphological variant of the pathological process of the endometrium.We have performed a comparative analysis of clinical, morphological and molecular biological studies and as a result suggested a new approach to the study of endometrial hyperplastic processes in premenopausal women, that helps to detect women with increased risk of endometrial oncopathology and gives opportunity to perform pathogenetically based approach to therapy.


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