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Vol 5, No 3 (2011)


5-9 347
we studied the clinical peculiarities of 115 women with external genital endometriosis of different heavy degree (I-IV). Woman with external genital endometriosis suffer from different diseases, they have low healthy index, that is the cause of unfavorable background for development pathological process or disease. Majority of woman with external genital endometriosis suffer from inflammatory process in uterus and tubes that gives additional unfavorable condition for development external genital endometriosis.
10-15 265
A comprehensive pathomorphological and immunohistochemical study of the scales of endometrium is carried out. With hyperplastic the process of endometrium and chronic endometritis are noted the high proliferating activity of the stroma of glands (Ki-67), the high expression of TFR- and SEFR, which indicates the actively going processes of neoangiogenezes and disturbance in the extracellular matrix. Inflammation raises to a higher power the proliferating activity of epithelium and stroma of the hyperplasiized endometrium, and it means, creates favorable conditions for the atypical transformation of cells.
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The relevance of urogenital disorders will steadily increase. In recent years the problem of urination disorders on attention. The most common and difficult in terms of treatment is imperative (urgent) form of incontinence as part of overactive bladder (OAB) syndrom. The article presents the results of clinical trials on the effectiveness of combination therapy (tolterodine and topical forms of estriol) compared with monotherapy of m-cholinergic antagonists (tolterodine) in peri- and postmenopausal women with OAB. The study confirmed that local forms of hormone replacement therapy for peri- and postmenopausal women with OAB increases the efficacy of m-cholinoblokers.

22-25 390
For the purpose of finding-out of possibilities of multiplane receptions and 3D/4D echographies in prenatal diagnostics of anomalies of development of the face at a fetus in II and III trimester are analyzed 131 case of successful diagnostics of such defects at 109 pregnant women. The gestational age at the moment of primary revealing has made 14-40 weeks. It is established that in the presence of hiatuses of the top jaw, also other developmental anomalies of the face use 3D/4D echographies especially in IIth trimester considerably facilitates diagnostics, thanks to reception of larger number of evident planes of scanning. The estimation of facial structures in the end of IIIth trimester of pregnancy can be inconvenient.


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