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Vol 7, No 2 (2013)


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Presently, the placental insufficiency still remains an important issue not only in obstetrics, perinatology and pediatrics, but also it has impact on public health in general being one of the major causes of perinatal morbidity and mortality. The outcome of placental  insufficiency for the fetus is the fetal growth retardation syndrome, intrauterine
hypoxia or death. This article presents modern concepts of the etiology, pathogenesis and morphogenesis of placental insufficiency including the latest information about the role of vascular growth factors and their receptors in the regulation of placental angiogenesis and their effect on formation of the placenta.
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A review of the literature dedicated to the state of knowledge of the problem of recurrent bacterial vaginosis, presents the modern theory of pathogenesis in terms of formation of microbial biofilms and Association of microorganisms.


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Biological role of magnesium in the human body is proved and very well-known. The pathogenesis of obstetrics and gynecology pathology shows that, next to magnesium, pyridoxine plays a key role. An effective strategy for prevention premature delivery, preeclampsia and eclampsia is proved to be timely magnesium sulfate application. We also have facts about its neuroprotective effect on the fetus. However the possibility of overdosage and serious side effects lead to a restricted usage of magnesium sulfate. To minimize the risk of overdosage, its necessary to follow the standard protocols, to make independent crosscheck and to monitor the condition of the patient. Its also reasonable to take magnesium sulfateorally - apart from better bioavailability,overdosage won’t cause serious side effects. Organic magnesium sulfate for magnesium deficiency control and associated symptoms is also justified for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), when COC (Combined Oral Contraceptives) and HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) is prescribed for women undergoing menopause. Magnesium citrate is more preferable because citrate-anion facilitates high bioavailability of magnesium, its also necessary in Krebs cycle and it turns into carbon dioxide and water. Due to this citrate is a perfect transporter of magnesium to the cells.
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This article evaluates the validity of different diagnostic methods that are used when cervical pathology is suspected in pregnancy. Pregnant women were divided in two groups, one with pathological conditions of the cervix and the other lacking thereof. We used instrumental, cytological and bacteriological examination methods. Colposcopy provides the most important diagnostic criteria which allow early detection of cervical pathology.

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This article describes the present views on ultrasound diagnosis of infertility. The generalized data on modern techniques. Pressing questions of the most common causes of infertility.

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This article describes the present views on ultrasound diagnosis of cervical changes. The generalized data on the size and measurement procedures. Pressing questions of the most common changes in the cervix.

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This article describes the present views on the treatment of genital herpes infection. Examined topical therapies HSV.

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