Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction

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Vol 4, No 1 (2010)


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Planning of a family and preservation of reproductive health - the important problem of modern medicine. According to recommendations the CART (1994) contraception is recommended to women up to menopaysa and absence menses in a current of year. In a kind of high risk of development or aggravation metabolic and hemostasies infringements for the purpose of hormonal contraception at women late reproductive period and perimenopaysa we had been used the microdosed out preparation Miniziston®20 Fem, containing 0,02 mg etynilestradiol and 0,1 mg levonorgestrel. Results of our research have shown that the given preparation has 100% contraceptive efficiency, provides necessary regulation of menstryal cycle, presence estrogen component promotes improvement of quality of a life of patients and knocking over of clinical symptoms, characteristic for the period perimenopaysa. Besides, Miniziston®20 Fem does not render clinically significant influence on metabolic an exchange and hemostasis system.
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Detailed clinical and morphological study was undertaken on 101 young patients (age 20-30) diagnosed with Uterine fibrosis (the average patient age was 24,7±1,5 years). From the medical history, integrated clinical and morphological study, immunological analysis it was proved to exist two seldom forms of myomatous nodes at a young age: simple
fibroid and invasive fibroid, that prevails. The growth originates in a vessel wall from the progenerating muscle cells with relatively high Ki-67 expression, high expression of growth factors and formation of new micro vessels (СD-34). These muscle cells have a very low apoptosis activity that determines the fast proliferation of cells (invasive fibroid).
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Urogenital disorders (UD) are the common complication of the climacteric syndrome: itching, burning, soreness, vaginal dryness, painful coitus, frequent urinary urgency, urination past bed time, incontinence and poor capability to withhold the urine, worsen the quality of life for almost half of the women in post menopause. The key factor that leads to the urogenital disorders in post menopause is the low estrogen synthesis. An efficient and safe way to prevent and treat these disorders is to use the forms of the estriol for the local application. Key factor, that differentiates estriol from the other estrogens, is that estriol selectively binds with the receptor-cell of the urogenital tract for 2-4 hours, when used in local application and so does not have any systemic effect on target-organs, in particular does not affect endometrium and myometrium. In this article we have presented the survey of publications and the result from the personal UD (Urogenital disorders) treatment observation caused by the estrogen deficiency. For the treatment we used: Ovestin (Овестин®) in cream and suppository, containing estriol as the active component. We also described all the pharmacoeconomic properties of the Ovestin and the beneficial effect the local application of estriol has on a married couple.

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