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Long-term medical and social consequences of underage labor

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The long-term effects (marital status, attitude to breastfeeding, re-pregnancy rate) underage (aged 13-17 years) labor who gave birth within and outside the specialized educational program were studied. It was revealed that the girls who attended program classes, continued breastfeeding significantly longer. At the same time, no significant difference in the frequency of early re-pregnancy was found. Apparently, educational programs are not effective enough and require revision.

About the Author

E. S. Mikhaylin
Maternity Hospital № 10; I.I. Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University, Health Ministry of Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Evgeny S. Mikhaylin - MD, PhD, Head of the Centre of Pregnancy and Labor in Adolescents “Young mother”, Maternity Hospital № 10; Assistant, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I.I. Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University.
21 Tambasov Str., Saint Petersburg 198259; 41 Kirochnaya Str., Saint Petersburg 191015.


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Mikhaylin E.S. Long-term medical and social consequences of underage labor. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction. 2020;14(5):630-633. (In Russ.)

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