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Lex biomedica: concept, nature and ontology

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The article is devoted to the study and explanation of the meaning, nature, structure, features and ontology of extra-legal regulation in the field of healthcare and medicine (lex biomedica). The authors explain the concept and structure of lex biomedica. The article shows other ontological spaces of the bioethical order associated with the lex biomedica normative space; the content of the subject-object area of lex biomedica regulation is described in detail. The article describes and explains the features of the interactions between the space of legal regulation and the space of extra-legal regulation in the field of healthcare. The authors refer to the concept of "bio-law".

About the Authors

I. V. Ponkin
Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Russian Federation

Igor V. Ponkin – Dr Sci Law, Professor, State Professor

84 Vernadskogo Ave., Moscow 119606, Russia

A. A. Ponkina
Institute of relations between the State and religious denominations and Law
Russian Federation

Alexandra A. Ponkina – PhD (Law), Deputy Director

PO box 49, Moscow 117525, Russia


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For citation:

Ponkin I.V., Ponkina A.A. Lex biomedica: concept, nature and ontology. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction. 2020;14(4):515-522. (In Russ.)

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