Application of the rotational thromboelastography/thromboelastometry for assessment of massive obstetric blood loss in a high risk group

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Here, we discuss blood management upon a risk of massive obstetric hemorrhage by describing a clinical case of female patient with obstetric complications of pregnancy such as severe preeclampsia and chronic placental insufficiency with fetal malnutrition examined by using thromboelastometry to assess a risk of developing massive obstetric hemorrhage. A rotational thromboelas-tography/thromboelastometry technology as well as available publications related to using it in obstetrics are outlined.

About the Authors

D. R. Eremeeva
V.F. Snegirev Maternity Hospital № 6
Russian Federation

Dina R. Eremeeva - MD, PhD, Deputy of Head Physician for outpatient work, V.F. Snegirev Maternity Hospital № 6.

5 Mayakovskogo St., Saint Petersburg 192014

M. S. Zainulina
V.F. Snegirev Maternity Hospital № 6; I.P. Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Health Ministry of Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Marina S. Zainulina - MD, Dr Sci Med, Head Physician, V.F. Snegirev MH № 6; Professor, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, I.P. Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg SMU, Scopus Author ID: 37076359000, Researcher ID: B-5746-2018.

5 Mayakovskogo St., Saint Petersburg 192014; 6/8 Lev Tolstoy St., Saint Petersburg 197022


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Eremeeva D.R., Zainulina M.S. Application of the rotational thromboelastography/thromboelastometry for assessment of massive obstetric blood loss in a high risk group. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction. 2020;14(1):94-101. (In Russ.)

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