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A child’s right to receive pediatric palliative care at prenatal stage

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This paper is aimed at outlining the essence, nature as well as range of child’s guarantees for receiving pediatric palliative care at prenatal stage including common scope of the rights for such patients. It is emphasized that a child at prenatal stage (starting from certain age) is able to feel pain sensation and suffer from it, thereby underlying its right for palliative care. It is underscored as to why a child’s right at prenatal stage for pediatric palliative care (if necessary) is subject to legal recognition and legal protection.

About the Authors

I. V. Ponkin
Institute of Public Administration and Management Civil Service, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of RF
Russian Federation

Igor V. Ponkin - MD, PhD (Law), Professor, State Professor, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, Researcher ID: D-3414-2016.

84 Vernadskogo Ave., Moscow 119606

A. A. Ponkina
Institute of relations between the State and religious denominations and Law
Russian Federation

Alexandra A. Ponkina - PhD (Law), Deputy Director.

PO box49, Moscow 117525

A. S. Shkoda
City Clinical Hospital № 67 named after LA. Vorokhobov, Moscow Healthcare Department
Russian Federation

Andrey S. Shkoda - MD, Dr Sci Med, Professor, Chief Physician.

2/44 Salyama Adilya St., Moscow 123423


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Ponkin I.V., Ponkina A.A., Shkoda A.S. A child’s right to receive pediatric palliative care at prenatal stage. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction. 2020;14(1):80-88.

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