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Clitoromegaly: principles of diagnostics and treatment


The literature review is dedicated to the topical subject in current endocrinology and gynecology – clitoromegaly. At present, clitoromegaly is considered as a symptom of an endocrinological disease associated with impaired testosterone or androgen production. However, in most cases, the cause of the disease cannot be determined. A condition described in the clitoromegaly classification as an "idiopathic clitoromegaly" holds a leading place. Despite an opportunity to perform a successful clitoroplasty in childhood, adult patients with clitoromegaly quite often seek specialists` help. Such girls and women often suffer from anxietydepressive disorders related to social maladjustment associated due to sexological and psychological problems, which requires a sexologist or psychotherapist` supervision and treatment. Here, we provide the data on genetic syndromes accompanied by clitoromegaly. Differential diagnostics algorithms for neonates, young and adult women are proposed.

About the Authors

N. V. Ivanov
Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University
Russian Federation

Nikita V. Ivanov – MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Academician Baranov Department of Endocrinology

Author ID: 647940

41 Kirochnaya Str., Saint Petersburg 199034

I. P. Serebryakova
Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University
Russian Federation

Inna P. Serebryakova – MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Academician Baranov Department of Endocrinology

Author ID: 433944

41 Kirochnaya Str., Saint Petersburg 199034

N. V. Khudyakova
Saint Petersburg State University
Russian Federation

Natalia V. Khudyakova – MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Internal Diseases

Author ID: 81693

7/9 Universitetskaya Embankment, Saint Petersburg 199034

A. I. Fedorova
Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University
Russian Federation

Anna I. Fedorova – MD, Dr Sci Med, Professor, Department of Psychotherapy, Medical Psychology and Sexology

Author ID: 460196

41 Kirochnaya Str., Saint Petersburg 199034


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Ivanov N.V., Serebryakova I.P., Khudyakova N.V., Fedorova A.I. Clitoromegaly: principles of diagnostics and treatment. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction. 2023;17(4):462-475. (In Russ.)

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